Gender Bending Comedies

So, lately, I’ve been watching these Asian dramas were girls dress as guys and pass off as them. Actually, they’re really feminine looking in real life, but as it is a show, all the other characters believe it. They are really fun to watch, because there’s always the chance they’ll get caught and the antics they go through to avoid these things is really funny.

The one thing that bothers me about them is that there’s always a very straight guy who starts to fall for Miss Crossdresser. This leads him to question his sexuality, which is usually very entertaining, because they keep denying it. Usually though, the guy comes to accept that he’s gay and then confesses his love, only to realize that he is actually a she, so there’s actually nothing to be worrying over!

The thing about this is if you’re a straight person, will you even think about something like that? I might see other girls as beautiful, but I’m not going to fall in love with them. I might respect all my girl friends, but I’m not going to see them with romantic affection. It’s because I know they’re a girl (or at least think so). I’m not going to even consider the idea of dating them. It wouldn’t even cross my mind. Sure, I love my friends, but it’s not romantic love. That’s why I think it’s really strange in these shows.

I think the point of this sort of storyline is:
a. humor (it is a comedy afterall)
b. showing that love can transcend anything

Personally, I think “b” is a load of crap, but that’s just me. Some times, even if you love someone a lot, they’re not going to return it. It just won’t work out!

After a while, sometimes this storyline can get old. =/


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