Why I Could Never Be a Manager.

1. Relying on other people is a pain. You never know when they will actually do something or if they are going to do the assignment at all. Even though deadlines are set, they follow their own deadlines.

2. When the outcome is out of my control, I become extremely anxious. Perhaps I’ll die from being too stressed out.

3. I tend to misjudge people a lot, thus giving them tasks that are too difficult or too easy.

4. It’s extremely difficult to be fair.

5. I usually end up shouldering more work than I can handle.

6. Being a manager sucks.


3 comments on “Why I Could Never Be a Manager.

  1. Good post — very funny. As a software development manager (aka cat herder) I can understand your point of view. There are some quotes from http://www.randsinrepose.com/archives/2010/04/26/the_twinge.html that you might enjoy such as “as a manager, you manage both yourself and your team, and the simple fact is there will always be more of them than of you” and my favorite, “management is a total career restart”. If you ever decide to take the plunge, I’d sure enjoy trying to help you out of any jam you might find yourself in; especially if you’d let me blog about it! Good luck, Herbert Loveless

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