Misunderstanding Drama

Do you ever watch those shows or movies, where the entire conflict arises from a stupid misunderstanding? Just one tiny little failure to communicate properly, followed by an overreaction, and BOOM- annoying story conflict.

When something like that happens, I tend to lose interest. Everything could be resolved so easily if the characters just looked at each other and carefully explained what was going on.

Instead, you get stupid characters who won’t explain anything, because of one reason or another, or characters who don’t want to hear out the other characters, because they’re also stupid.

I prefer if the conflict arose from some life changing goal or bad guys. With life changing goals, it’s man vs. self. The anti-hero, maybe? Although, I don’t usually like anti-heroes, they’re really great complex characters. Also, a battle with yourself (not talking about Fight Club) is really intense, but sometimes when there’s too much inner turmoil, I tend to think that the character is just a drama queen. With bad guys, they’re just bad, because they are a 2D stock character who is bad just because. You hate them, and that’s the end of the story. It’s the best kind of villain. When I sympathize with the villain, it’s always disappointing at the end.


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