Research Conferences Fail

This past weekend I went to a science conference, where lots of undergrad students from all over came together and presented their research. This probably sounds really fun, because you can meet new people and see other people’s research. That’s a complete lie.

1. I’ve just realized that many undergrads don’t really do research in the lab. This makes me feel like:
a. I work too hard in my lab
b. It’s really lucky my research professor loves undergrads so much

2. Since many undergrads don’t do actual research, they don’t really have much to present. Example: there was this one poster, where half of it was just 2 giant pie charts.

3. The only people who ever want to talk to you are people who want to brag.

4. The judges didn’t even judge everyone. What’s up with that?

5. The best thing about these conferences: FREE FOOD.

Also, I’m in chemistry, but most of the research at this conference was biology. Biology doesn’t really interest me, especially marine and plant bio. The only reason to go is that there is always really good food (and it’s free~)!


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