Mothers & Monsters (aka Aliens)

Aliens!Yeeeeeaaaaaah! That Aliens!

My professor said something really interesting about it. Something like how it’s a movie about a monster of a mother and a mother of monsters. Ha ha, it’s kind of cute, right? ^.~

Actually, the whole idea that it’s a movie about motherhood is a really strange concept (although, I don’t doubt it). Also, the first movie was a horror movie makes it even stranger.

This was the one movie on the syllabus that I was really dreading. Sometime ago, Aliens vs Predator was on TV, and ever since I watched that movie, I really wanted to ignore everything related to it. It was so terrible. I’m not sure what made it really bad for me, but it just wasn’t as great as some of my friends made it to be. Now that I’ve actually seen it, it’s okay. I still prefer Star Wars, Men in Black, and The Fifth Element for my alien favs.

I think that overall, James Cameron, although super popular, isn’t really what I’d call extraordinary. Sure, he did stuff like, Terminator, Titanic, and Avatar, but at the end of the day it’s not as interesting as other movies. He writes a lot of his major hits, and let’s be honest, the dialogue isn’t always great. Definitely corny writing. Also, a lot of what he does is successful, because for some reason, he gets a lot of big budget projects. It’s all in the money.


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