Dice & Dragons & Dead Games

Dungeons and Dragons is one of those games that, surprisingly, a lot of people I know have never heard of. This is probably a game that is slowly fading away, while making a come back in dark corners. Although, I’ve never actually played this game, I do understand that there’s a lot of dice rolling involved and, probably, just the very, very basic nature of it. This isn’t anything new; I’ve known about this game since elementary school. So, when I hear someone who doesn’t know what it is, it’s really strange to me.

I went to a game store today. It’s not a video game store. Instead, it’s one of those dying game stores. You know, the ones that sell D&D books and dice. Also, they had old comic books, lots of other games similar to D&D, Magic cards, strategic board games, like Settlers of Catan. I was in there for about two hours with my friend, just looking through everything, even though it was a really small store.

Actually, I really like the art from D&D and Magic cards. I’d probably just collect them just for that purpose. I’m not very good with card games and don’t have much patience for D&D type games (it’s just so much dice rolling).

These types of things… you don’t hear about them much anymore, do you? Now, that there’s video games and computers, spending time on those things isn’t as exciting. I’m really glad that a store like that exist. I wonder how long it can stay in business.

To all the players: don’t stop the rolling. =) It would be a shame if this part of culture disappeared!


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