I know that “keeping kosher” is important for a lot of people, but sometimes there are just a lot of unexpected things that arise.

In the supermarket, I found a gallon of water marked: “Kosher for Passover.” What is kosher water?

There are so many rules that I don’t really know how anyone can keep track, and they are so restrictive. Especially in these times, since most people have to buy food, and don’t grow it themselves, it’s probably very difficult. They have to really trust the manufacturer.

Many people I know don’t keep kosher 100%, which I’m sure applies to a lot of things. These days, keeping semi-kosher is good enough for them. Many of them only keep kosher for Passover. All the other days of the year, they eat whatever they want. Though, there are people who are extremely kosher.

I heard a story of a friend’s friend, who was very religious and followed many, many kosher rules. It also limited her travels. There are some places where it’s almost impossible to find kosher food, so she couldn’t visit them. How complicated is that?

On that note, Passover is here!


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