Rainy Day = Sleepy Day

It seems that when there’s a rainy day, it’s really hard to wake up in the morning. I think it’s because there’s no sunlight, so it’s really dark. A lot of people I asked all say, “Maybe it’s seasonal affective disorder.” This is probably false, because it’s a mental health issue that effects most of the season. Right now, I’m just dealing with one rainy day.

Isn’t it really difficult to wake up? I don’t think I would be able to manage living in one of those places that’s cloudy and rainy all the time. I’d be tired all the time!

It’s just take I really lack motivation to do anything on such days. I have to push myself a lot. If the sun comes out later, I still am extremely tired. Waking up like that really gives a bad start to the whole day. Pushing myself makes me more tired later. It’s a lose-lose situation….

When I had to wake up at 6AM, the sun hadn’t even risen. It was very difficult to wake up during those days as well. Sometimes, I wish people wouldn’t have to wake up so early. At least, let us have some sun! It can’t be helped I guess. For some reason, school will start at 7:30AM and people will want to live far away from their workplace. This is the type of thing that can’t be helped. If only people hadn’t made time….

Don’t give that, “Coffee solves all” trick on me. It doesn’t work. Also, the crash is much worst than when I push myself. Nap time?


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