Salmon Salmon!!

It’s been two long years, but I’ve finally found it again!Isn’t it just so delicious?! (I’m not talking about spicy food this time!) Ha ha ha, it’s my favorite kind of cream cheese. The flavor is so great!

For a long time, every time I went to the supermarket, I couldn’t find it. It just stopped showing up on the shelves one day, and I thought maybe they stopped making it (tear). However, during my most recent venture to the market, there it was, right on the shelf, next to the regular cream cheese. It was just shining. ❤

Usually, the only way I could get it was by going to a special bagel shop, which sold it kind of overpriced. Boo. I’m sure, though, that when I return to the supermarket next week, it won’t be there anymore. It seems to be in limited stock only.

I first discovered this flavor when I went to buy a bagel one morning- at the special bagel shop. It sounded really interesting, so I decided to try it. It has been love since that time. Once I discovered it was sold in supermarkets, I bought it a lot. Sadly, one day they disappeared.

Cream cheese should be just like this. Creamy and salty. I really dislike sweet flavor cream cheese, like strawberry. It seems, though, that strawberry flavored cream cheese is more popular than salmon. That’s really a disappointment, because strawberry cream cheese is so easy to find. I see it every single time at the supermarket. Also, there’s random packages of it laying around my house, but where’s the salmon? Of course, no where to be found…. until now!

If you want to try something new, I would most definitely recommend trying some salmon flavored cream cheese! ^_^


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