Sitting Sideways

I don’t know about you, but I have this really bad habit of sitting sideways in my chair. That is, instead of my back against the chair, one of my sides is. Is this common?

It’s a little uncomfortable when I’m sitting with my back against a chair. Ha ha, I feel too conformed. Actually, it’s just a more comfortable way of sitting. This is problematic when there are people around me. Since I’m turned to the side, they sometimes think I’m turning my attention to them. Sorry! I do try to avoid facing people.  I don’t notice other people with this sort of habit though.

This makes me really curious though. Some people have strange habits, that don’t really make sense to me. After a while though, you don’t think about it, because these are the types of things that show we’re different from each other. Whatever the reason you do something, it makes you you. It becomes second-nature when people start acting like that, right?

Ha ha, but if I knew someone like Monk, from the TV show Monk, I might have some doubts about why. Even just watching the show, I would become annoyed with his antics.


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