Slow Down & Don’t Speed

It’s been my spring break this past week, so I’ve been traveling around. With this, have you ever noticed how people tend to slow down whenever they see a police car?

Let’s pretend, you’re driving, and you see a police car driving in the opposite direction. What do most people do? They slow down. This makes no sense to me, because:
1. The cop isn’t going to make a U-turn to catch you, are they?
2. The cop is already heading somewhere, so would giving you a speeding ticket really be priority?
3. Can you even check if you’re speeding when you’re driving?

This also made me wonder if the slowing down ever annoys the police. Think about it, they want to go somewhere too, but here’s this person, who sees that there is a police car behind them, so they are driving 5 miles below the speed limit. Soooo sloooooooow….. -_-

I’m not saying let’s go speeding! I’m just saying that just because there’s a police officer around does not mean you should drive slower than the speed limit. Just drive between the speed limit and 5+ the speed limit, because that’s just much more effective! It’s also more normal.

Sometimes, I’m sure that the police officer is really annoyed by people. Who wouldn’t be annoyed by this type of behavior? Remember, drive like a normal person!


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