Goldfinger, or How Bond Movies Annoy Me

Yesterday for my action movie class, we watched Goldfinger. It was my first time watching it. Although, I’d heard of it. I mean, this Bond film is suppose to be the ultimate.

Look how young Sean Connery looks! Ha ha ha…. anyway, you see that gold naked woman in the background? That was only in the film for about 2 minutes. I suppose her death is what makes Bond want to take the assignment. Revenge! (Does this remind anyone of another recent Bond film? Maybe any revenge plot?) Still, it’s not that great.

So, a lot of people may know that the main Bond girl in this film is not Naked Gold Woman, but another woman named… wait for it… Pussy Galore. ….There is nothing else to be said about this.

For a really short overall summary of this: Bond >>> Women + Villians. This can also summarize all other Bond films.

The Manly Man of the 60s

My problem with Bond films:

1. He’s really not a great agent. Sure he’s got all the toys, but he wouldn’t be able to do anything without help from sidekicks and the girls. Yet, he gets all the credit.
2. The girls.
3. But, mainly, I have a problem with James Bond. I don’t like his charm, his personality, or his attitude.

Okay, okay, I know, Bond films were extraordinary for their time, and the legend still continues. It also, though it may not seem like it, really helped with the feminist movement (women were out of kitchen, sleeping around!), which is great. It also started the awesome international action film.  Regardless, Bond is just a man I don’t like. His charm is really annoying. The thing is that Bond is really an ordinary man; he’s not a superhero, but he gets everything. What is wrong with this picture?! Even nerdy Spiderman doesn’t get everything! Where is his inner turmoil? Character flaws?

Basically, all character flaws disappear when that charm gets turned on. It’s just makes him seem really arrogant or something like that. This is difficult for me to explain in words or sound effects.


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