Jalapeno Peppers

Let’s start off today with this:

Spicy messages for life!

šŸ˜€ I found that image randomly, and to whoever made it: I wish to shake your hand.

Anyway, ever since I discovered where jalapeno peppers are located in the grocery store, I’ve been putting them into just about everything. Eating rice today? Let’s add jalapeno peppers! Noodles? Put in the jalapeno peppers! Mac & cheese? JALAPENO PEPPERS! They’re really great, aren’t they? I don’t need to add hot sauce anymore! Jalapeno peppers are really spicy, but I love them.

You’ve probably noticed that I love spice foods. Wasabi peas and now jalapeno peppers. ^.^ What better way to spice up your life than literally?! This is probably as exciting as my life gets.

Spicy food is good for you, isn’t it? It helps increase blood flow and metabolism. I think the only downside is when I eat a lot of hot sauce my skin tends to break out. (It seems that working out clears up that problem, though.)

Recently, my friends ordered jalapeno pizza. It was h~e~a~v~e~n~~~. ā¤ Really, jalapeno is the best kind of flavor. I would really like to try jalapeno poppers. I’ve never had a chance to try them, because I just never seem to have enough money to buy them. Other appetizers are about $5 dollars, but they’re always at least $8. (Yes, I won’t dish out that extra $3. I’m that cheap.) Sadly, no one I know seems to have ever eaten them, so I can’t ask them how they taste. If anyone has ever eaten them, I’d really like to know what you think about the taste!


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