One Leg Up?

It’s common practice among bikers to roll up their pants on the right side to prevent getting caught in the chain. Although… there are many people around who don’t ride bikes and still roll up their pants.

“I’m wearing pants with one of the legs rolled up. I’m so cool.”

Are you kidding me? How did this even become the style? I’ve heard different theories.
1) Bboys rode bikes around and when b-boying gained popularity, so did the style.
2) Gangs did this –> it became cool.

Regardless of the origin, it looks bad! It’s like wearing MC Hammer pants. Gaaah, those pants! Also, it’s completely impractical to roll up one side when you’re just walking around. What’s going to happen? Is your leg going to get caught in air? AIR~~~ Oh no! Or maybe one of your legs can’t regular temperature properly? O_o

Sometimes I see these guys, always the same particular guys, who are standing around the sidewalk or walking to class, smoking their cigarettes, teasing their girls, with that leg rolled up. Even though I don’t like judging people based on their clothes, they just give off this vibe- “I’m an idiot.” When I talk to these people, I can’t think of anything else except, “Wow, you’re an idiot.”

You know, what that teaches me? Don’t dress like an idiot by rolling one leg up.

Oddly, there are also other fashion trends that are pretty stupid, but when I see them, I don’t think, “Oh, what an idiot.” The one leg up trend is the only one that makes me think that. Other trends like wearing pants really low, buying already ripped jeans, or shorts/skirts that don’t even cover anything- these I can deal with. I’ll probably think, “How can you wear that?” But I won’t think that you’re stupid. I would hold an entire conversation without being distracted by your clothes. The moment you roll up one leg, though, I’m leaving to get myself a drink.


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