Mix it Up! Interracial Couples FTW!

For the most part, I’ve always dated outside my race. That’s because I don’t live around many Chinese people, so the selection is few. Also, what is it about color that should prevent me from dating who I want? I notice a lot of interracial couples walking around, isn’t that great?

But whenever I watch TV or see advertisements, there are rarely interracial couples. Isn’t that really strange? They always show an all white family or an all black family. This is true even in TV shows. I mean, the most recent example I can think of is in Family Guy/The Cleveland Show. Let’s have a spin off with the black family. Seriously?! This is something that really bugs me.

Sometimes living in the age we live in now, I’m really surprised that there are still problems like this. Sometimes I want to forget this is the type of society we live in. Sometimes I think it’s better to just live without thinking about these types of things. Will we be able to change like that?

When I see an interracial couple for an advertisement, I’m really pleased. I guess, society is making improvements slowly. It really makes you see that if people still have problems with interracial couples, then obviously they have problems with same-sex couples too. This doesn’t worry me, though, because change is a slow process. Even if I don’t get to see it, the future will definitely get to see it. This is a truth.


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