1 Litre of Tears

Many people have said that when they watched this drama, they cried more than 1 litre of tears. šŸ™„

So, I watched it, because, hey, it’s suppose to that good, right? And that is true, it is very good. The acting was really great and the story was nicely pieced together, but to be frank, I didn’t cry. No tissues were wasted.

1 Litre of Tears is a Japanese drama based on the true story of a girl who had an incurable disease. A lot of people were surprised when they watched the ending (crying all the way), but maybe they didn’t do the research? I do admit that there were some parts about finding a cure that really got my hope up, thinking, “Maybe they changed the ending, since it’s only based on a true story.” Basically, this is like A Walk To Remember but less romance and more focus on the girl and her family.

Also, I find that Asou-kun is really handsome. He really surprised me. His character is someone I would really like to meet in real life, not just because he’s handsome, but I don’t believe people like that exist.

Regardless, this show really gives hope and meaning to life. It’s really enjoyable.

Although, I wonder, even though the story is really sad and there were a lot of endearing moments, why did I not even tear up? I’m the type of person who use to cry every time Mufasa died in The Lion King (admit it! You got sad too!), but this doesn’t even phase me. Lately…since September I don’t even feel sad anymore…. šŸ˜ How boring.


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