Working Out Your Tiredness

Lately, I’ve been really tired. Even though I’m really tired, I’ve been having trouble sleeping too, so I get more tired. I’m not sure why. There’s nothing to be stressed or overexcited about.

Because of this, I’ve been going to the gym lately. I’m determined to go to point of exhaustion, and then I should be able to sleep much better. Also, by going to gym, I’ll get some really good muscle toning (right?).

This plan, though… I’m not sure it’s going to work. It seems that whenever I go to the gym, I become more energized. Regardless that I’m sweating, my breathing is really labored, or my muscles are sore, in my mind I’m thinking, “Let’s go! Let’s go! How much more can I take?! Should I keep going? Can I keep going?”

I really want to keep going, but I can’t keep going. It’s as if I’m asking to collapse. Still, I’m thinking, “More! More! This is awesome!” Ha ha ha, that’s really pitiful, isn’t it?

Working out wakes up the mind. Ha ha, will I ever get a good night’s sleep? Despite all this, I’m really having a lot of fun at the gym. Next time I’ll be thinking, “Can I keep going until I don’t feel my legs anymore?!” Hee hee!

Before I use to just run outdoors, but recently, I’ve realized that the gym is really great. It’s much better than running around outside; it really drives you. Maybe that’s good and bad, since I’m more motivated to work out, but I’m constantly pushing myself too far. Even so, I’ll keep going~! Because this is the type of stupid that I am. 8)


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