Random Babble

Not a lot happens to me. Day to day life is really tiring sometimes.

#1: Work: There was a meeting with all the staff the other day. Since the economy isn’t spectacular, the catering business isn’t making profit. Right now, we are just breaking even. In that case, they said that, because they don’t want to cut jobs, they will just cut hours.

Actually, the amount of food waste that we have is amazing. I’m so surprised by how much food we throw away, because it’s just trays and trays of leftover food. Maybe we should cook less (that will save money, right)? Also, it’s really odd, but there are actually a lot of homeless people in this small town. We could donate the food to shelters or something. It’s just a waste! Is the idea that we are not throwing the food away, but composting suppose to make up for it?

I guess, I’m a little annoyed by this.

#2: School: I was recently accepted into my first graduate school. This is very exciting for me. Although, I’m not sure I want to attend there, but I really do like the professor. My current advisor isn’t a big fan of this school, and seems to be hinting for me to not attend this school. Currently, it’s the only school that has accepted me, so I’m just going to have to wait. I have until April 15th to decide. If I don’t hear from anything else, I’m probably going to accept the offer. They’re going to give me ~$13000 for 9 months, and ~$5000 for the summer for a total of ~$18000 for the year. That’s not much, is it? But as a student, that’s what we have to do, right? I wonder if I can actually get my PhD.

#3: Asian Dramas: So, I’ve just realized that Japanese Dramas > Korean Dramas. Why? Because the style is much faster than Korean drama, which tend to drag. In Korean dramas, they’re usually a little more than an hour, so in order to fill that time, they have camera shots that are used to take up more time. For example, to have a more dramatic effect (I guess) they’ll play some fitting background music while the actor is thinking/crying/lashing out by themselves, and the camera will moving slowly around the actor, because, yes, I want a 360 degree view of a guy crying. Exactly what I want to see! I admit, though, if you fast forward to the actual plot progressing points, it’s a great drama. The difficulty is fast forwarding on a computer, because I can’t see if I’m missing useful parts.

Also, Japanese dramas seem to last about 10 episodes, while Korean dramas are 16-20 episodes. When I think about it, I think the extra 6 episodes in the Korean dramas are just 360 camera shots. I’m going to give a really girly example now, Japan’s Hana Yori Dango vs Korea’s Boys Before Flowers. Both dramas are based off the same thing, so they all hit the same key story arcs such as: the kidnapping, the other fiancee, the love triangle, dealing with the mother, and amnesia. (Gah! The amnesia…. -_-) HYD takes 20 episodes x ~45 mins/episode to cover everything, while BBF takes 25 episodes x 60 mins/episodes to cover everything. The extra time from BBF is all just 360 camera!

Don’t misunderstand, I love both types, but Korean dramas are like ice cream. You can’t have too much or you’ll start to get sick.

#4: Film Class: Tomorrow in class we will be watching Seven Samurai. My ex use to tell me this was the greatest movie ever made. I am a bit weary of this, because, it’s my ex. Also, I looked it up and it’s a 3.5 hour long movie, which means, since class isn’t that long, we’ll have to split up the viewing time. Lately though, because of this film class, I’ve been watching movies in a different way. Like the Korean dramas, I’m noticing camera angles and movement, background music, and direction. Previously, I would just watch the movie for the story line, but there’s actually a lot more to see. Movies are really an art, more so than I have ever really imagined. Anyway, it seems my ex was pretty good about this type of movie art, and I never realized that until I started watching all the movies he raved about. When we were dating I refused to watch The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, but it is actually a pretty good movie, and the ending is really great. It looks like his taste in movies is actually okay.

More importantly, Seven Samurai better be good. 3.5 hours! I’ll give my full report on it tomorrow!


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