Cynical Woman- Stopping Happiness One Day at a Time

Even though I’m in a small college town, there are a lot of really interesting people that really catch you off guard. On the bus sometimes I meet Cynical Woman.

Cynical Woman is a woman who looks around 50-60s, and I don’t think she has a mental filter. She really says everything and anything. She’ll look at the passengers on the bus and directly insult them without provocation. When she’s not insulting passengers, she’s complaining and yelling about everything else out loud.  She gets on the bus, and I think she does it stay warm, because sometimes we go in a huge circle and she doesn’t get off.

Everyone seems to know to not make eye contact or talk to this woman. Even the bus driver, who greets everyone, knows not to greet this lady. She is bad news. The moment she stepped onto the bus, the driver turned off the radio. Mothers know to cover their children’s ears. Students know to shut up and stop talking on their cell phones- move to the back of bus quickly. She brings this sort of ominous dread.

Today she got on the bus and started talking right away. “What are you glaring at? Yeah, go ahead an glare, you punk. Everything is ridiculous. What is wrong with people? 1967? Was that it? These people are all wrong. No. Terrible. No. No. No.” Every time someone got on or off the bus, she would say, “No.”

My four years at this school have led me to be very acquainted with this woman’s rambling. The first time she ever got on the bus, I remember being really freaked out. I kept thinking what was wrong with this woman, but over time I’ve met a number of crazy people on the bus, and learned to pay no mind (unless they’re a strange creepy man hitting on me).

I wonder what this woman was like in her youth. I wonder what caused this woman to become like this. I wonder who is she, what she does, and how anyone puts up with her.


One comment on “Cynical Woman- Stopping Happiness One Day at a Time

  1. I’ve noticed many “cynics” in various places I’ve lived. Sometimes avoidance is best when effort and empathy fail. Thanks. This post prompted many memories for me. Appreciate that 🙂

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