John Woo’s The Killer

Recently, I watched John Woo’s The Killer (1989). It made some really good points:

1. Action movies are great
2. The Damsel-in Distress from the 1980s = the whiny girl
3. Chow Yun Fat is an amazing actor
4. John Woo is a real artist
5. There’s nothing better than a church full of candles and scenes where doves fly everywhere.

So, the basic plot summary is that Chow Yun Fat is a contract killer with a good heart and Danny Lee is a cop who’s on the edge. On a job, Chow Yun Fat’s character accidentally injures a girl, because of this he wants to quit, but he decided to take on one more job to help the girl. Danny Lee is the cop who’s trying to catch him. Lots of blood, car chases, and violence ensues.

The scenes are amazing. John Woo really can capture the awesomeness of the action, the drama, and everything.

The major problem I have with this movie was that the music directing was not the best. The pairing of a massive shootout and a pop power ballad from the 80s really isn’t working for me. Honestly, John Woo’s music hasn’t really been the best. I mean, in Face/Off, again: massive shootout + Over the Rainbow? Come on, Mr. Woo.

I think action shootout scenes are best paired with either some type of fast rock music or some sort of gospel-like singing. Pop songs aren’t really gonna do it.

My other problem with this movie was the girl, but that’s the entire point of her character. To be whiny and weak.

Otherwise, it’s a really bloody movie and really fun to watch, so I’d definitely recommend it!


One comment on “John Woo’s The Killer

  1. I agree with most of your points here, my maximum is that “a little Woo goes a long way.” But with respect to his choices of music, he has totally redeemed himself with the full version of Red Cliff parts 1 and 2, his master piece and I have seen all of his works–probably like you. Moreover to see Fat go from this character to the Emperor in the Golden Flower only shows his range and talent as an actor.


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