Wasabi Peas- feel the burn!

So, I went to the convenience store today, because I’ve caught a cold and needed some medicine. As a must for convenience store visits, I visit the snack section. I found this trail mix blend called Asian.

It has rice crackers, sesame sticks, peanuts, but most importantly: Wasabi Peas. I haven’t had wasabi peas in a long time, but every time I have it my eyes would tear up. It’s a great feeling. Especially when you have a cold, because you forget about that stuffy nose once that spice hits you. For a tougher cold, I’d recommend just eating some real wasabi, because it just clears up everything briefly.

I was really curious about this kind of trail mix so I bought it. (Mainly, I wanted some wasabi peas.) It tastes awesome and the wasabi peas are great! If you want a good snack- eat this!

Okay, okay, so if you buy me a jar of wasabi peas, I probably won’t eat the whole thing.
I mean, it’s so spicy! You lose feeling in your mouth after a while! So, it’ll take me a really long time to finish a bag, which is why I don’t buy them. They’re good to eat if you’re a “I’m bored, so let’s eat” kind of person, because after a few of these, you really don’t want to eat anymore.

That’s why I really like this trail mix, because there’s enough wasabi peas in it, but there’s some nice salty things in it too, to balance the taste.

For a side note, I really dislike those sweet and salty trail mixes, because sweet and salty are not flavors that should be mixed.

Anyway, Asian blend trail mix = awesome.


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