My Code Name is Emilie

Once again on the bus today, I met creepy man. Here I am sitting there, and he comes along and sits right next to me. Out of all the empty seats….

I’m lucky that on our first encounter he misheard my name. I am now Emilie. 😉 The less he knows the better, right? Who wants some creepy man following them around? Since I met him three weeks ago, I’ve bumped into him about 5 times. I even changed the bus I take, but no, he’s still there!

Today he was talking about his retainer. He even took out his retainer (ew, gross) to show me! Man, you look like you’re 35 or something! Why are you showing me these things?! O.< Weeeeeeeeeeird.

He’s one of those people too, who do the “How do you say this in Chinese?” thing. Actually, today he took out a pen and paper, and I was so scared he was going to ask for my number. Gah, if he ever does, I don’t know what I would do! (Give him a fake number.) >.< He actually wanted he to write down how to say “You’re very beautiful.”

I just don’t understand at this school with over 20,000 people, how I could keep meeting him. Hopefully, today will be the last encounter!


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