When People Talk To You

Every once in a while there are people you don’t know who come up to talk to you. I’m not talking about people who ask for the time or directions. I’m talking about people who start up conversations with you.

This would people okay in a social setting, like a party or a bar. This is very strange to me if I’m just walking down the street or in an elevator. These are not social situations, but, strangely, people still make conversation.

What’s more annoying is that some of these people walk up to me and start speaking Japanese or Korean. I’m neither of those! Also, when people start to speak Chinese to me, my first thought is what if I weren’t Chinese? Actually, when I play it off that I can’t speak, just so I won’t have to talk to them, they always get this really disappointed look on their face.

Yesterday, this man struck up conversation with me, or he tried to, at least. Thank goodness it was only a short elevator ride, but then we got off at the same floor! Gah… when these things happen…. At least, we were heading in opposite directions on the floor.

Another thing I’ve noticed about the types of people who come to talk to me is that they’re all older men. Always, always, it’s some man who usually looks like they’re in their thirties or older. They always flash this really wide smile before they start talking. I don’t even have to make eye contact and they’ll start talking. Also, they always talk about themselves. They’ll ask you a thing or two about yourself, but then quickly divert the conversation back to them.

The other type of person who talks to me is middle-aged women, who look like their style is stuck in the 70s or 80s. They also always wear hats and they always talk about their dog or cat or grandchild.

I wonder what drives these people who make random conversation like this.


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