I’m a dishwasher!

Some of my friends and family were really surprised when I told them I got a job this semester. That’s probably because in all my undergraduate studies, I’ve never worked during school. (On breaks, yeah, I’d work as a cashier or babysit.) They were even more surprised when they found out that I was a dishwasher. Why is that?

1) I’m a girl. (Physical labor? What?)
2) I’m petite. (I can do physical labor?)
3) It’s dirty. (Cashiering is so much cleaner.)
4) Who the hell would hire me as a dishwasher given those circumstances?!

Well, guess what, family? I’m a dishwasher! I scrub large pots and pans. I load the automatic dishwasher. I put away dishware. I even mop the kitchen floors!

Even though it seems like another petty job, I’m really proud I was able to get the job. When I told my mom I was applying, she immediately looked at me and said, “Who would hire you for that?” Take that!

More importantly, I get paid. “Money, money, money/ must be funny/ in a rich man’s world/ always sunny!”


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