Smell that cake!

Living in a dorm, there’s a community kitchen down the hall. Since the hall is small, the cooking smells always float around the hallway.

Every time someone bakes cookies or cake, I can smell it. Every time this happens, I think, “Why didn’t I get some cookie/cake at the store this weekend?” I try as best as I can to avoid smelling the food when I know someone is cooking, because it makes me a bit hungry. Ha ha…

However, I do love the smell of food. Even if it smells “bad” to people, if you see the dish, doesn’t it always look amazing? I think I’m just a food lover. I’ll try any type of food (expect for insects). I have a thing about eating insects, because unlike other live creatures, they’re not meaty as they are… squishy? I’m not sure of the word, but if you’ve ever killed an insect, you should know what I’m talking about.

When I watch cooking/traveling food shows, I always find myself smelling what isn’t there. I see the food, and imagine what it smells like, and then start to smell it.

In my lifetime, I hope to be able to try a lot of different types of food. I believe that the best food is from hidden gems, like good old home-cooking or small restaurants. I mean, if you’re at a 5-star restaurant, then it should be good, but I’d put my faith in the smaller stuff.

The food smells really get to me.


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