In my action movie class, we had a brief discussion about parkour. For those who don’t know, it’s this sort of “free running” thing that involves jumping around and basically, moving from place to place in the fastest way possible. So, it’s like martial arts, except instead of the fight concept, it uses the flight concept.

I have to admit it’s pretty cool. I first became familiar with it in the trailers for the video game, “Mirror’s Edge.” Although, I don’t really understand why we’re talking about this in my class.

Actually, I don’t really know what’s going on my action movie class at all. We watch movies and talk about miscellaneous things. Then we get really easy quizzes. To be honest, I’m not learning anything; I don’t understand what I am suppose to learn from all this.

Moving on, we watched this French film called District B13, which features lots and lots of parkour. (Parkour originated in France.) One of the founders of parkous, David Belle, is the main character. (For the other founder of parkour, watch the Bond movie, “Casino Royale,” at the chase scene in the construction site. He’s the guy that Bond is chasing.)

District B13 is really good. It’s extremely fast paced and kept me entertained throughout. I definitely recommend it.


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