Ready to die?

I wonder if it’s true for most old people, but my grandparents have reached this age where they are always mentioning how they might die soon, that they’re ready to die at any time.

Since they live far away, maybe it’s their way of guilting us to visit, but I would still gladly visit them even if they weren’t saying these things. After all, they’re my grandparents!

It’s just that I don’t think anybody should say stuff like that, because when you start talking like that, then it means you really have nothing to live for anymore. It means that you’re just going through the motions. It means you’ve given up hope on life. Isn’t that what it means when you say that you’re ready to die?

They’re retired and their family is far away. The spends their days going to tea with friends, reading the newspaper, sleeping. That must be what it’s like to feel useless. My grandfather was much worst when he first retired. He didn’t know what to do with himself, but he’s gotten better. Still, I know that he feels pretty useless. I know that my grandparents aren’t young, and I know that all life ends, but right now, they’re still alive and moving around and thinking, aren’t they?

Even if you try to encourage them, they’ll say that they’re old, too tired, can’t do it. When you say that, you’re making yourself useless.

You’re still alive now, so that’s why you should keep living. Everyday we’re alive we want. It’s because we’re human. When we feel useless, all we want is to feel needed. Every moment you’re alive is another mark you’ll leave in this world, so don’t waste it.


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