Payday = Money!

Today is payday! When it comes to money, I’m really strange. Money is really scary; making money and dealing with it is really scary. This whole world is motivated by money.

Whenever I receive money I split it up so that 50% goes to savings, 40% goes to necessities, and 10% goes towards my free spending allowance. Even if I only get $10, I do that. I have a little notebook where I do all my accounting. I really am very cautious when it comes to money. Hahaha!

The accounting notebook

A lot of people might ask, “What are you saving up for?” Actually, I’ve just always saved. The money just sits there. Although, I’m planning to go to Comic-Con this year, so there’s probably going to be a bit coming out of my savings. Haha, but I think it’s worth it. I’ve been saving so long, and I’m graduating this year. It’s my graduation gift to myself, because my family isn’t getting me anything.

My family is more anticipating the day I get my first real paycheck from my first real job, so that I can take them out to dinner or buy them gifts for the occasion. Heehee, it’s really interesting how different it is from Western culture. A lot of my friends’ parents are getting ready for graduation gifts or trips. I’ve heard nothing about this first paycheck date from them.

But right now, my parents are covering most of my school expenses. So, living in a dorm and tuition, it’s all covered by them. I have to pay for my own books and food, which is about $400 per semester. Also, I don’t have a car, so that saves a lot of money, like paying for a parking permit or insurance. I go to a state school, and pay in-state tuition, so it’s a lot cheaper than going to a private school. I really am grateful for my parents to be able to pay like this.

Growing up, my parents have always been more of a financial support, rather than emotional support. When I was born, my parents had just gotten married and they were still really young. They weren’t settled yet. So, I was raised by my grandparents for a while. My younger sister is different; she was born when my parents were settled.

That’s why money is a really scary thing. It’s not just something to buy things or make a living with, but something that ties people together. What I owe you, what you owe me, these are things that can cause a lot trouble. Certainly, it’s also scary when there isn’t enough money- no money, no food, no shelter. Even though it’s frightening, it is still there and has to be dealt with. I’m always scared that I’ll never have enough money or something like that, ever since I was little (what kind of child was I?!). I want as little debt as possible. That’s what my little accounting notebook is for: to help me feel a bit more secure.

Overall lesson: don’t joke about money!


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