Old movies, bad sound.

In my film class, we watched The Adventures of Robin Hood from 1938. It was pretty good… sorta. You know, for a Robin Hood movie. (I have some problems with Robin Hood’s portrayal, but that’s another story.)

The thing about these kinds of old movies, and actually, maybe even some modern ones, is that the sound is so bad! Why is the background music like 5 times the volume of the talking?! Who cares about the background music when we just want the plot? So, my professor turns up the volume way loud, because you want to hear what they’re saying, but once and fight scene starts, my ears! Gah!! >.<

It just so terrible! That happens today too, I guess. Some movies, all the dialogue is almost whispering, so, while it’s great in a movie theater, I have to turn up my TV just to hear it at home or turn on the subtitles (Thank you so much, subtitles! I love subtitles). But then the background music isn’t whispering, so suddenly there’s just all these loud noises!

Do movie makers and sound people not understand the concept of a balanced? Volume control!! The music is great; it sets the tone and all that stuff, but more importantly, a movie is suppose to get a story across. Movies are a form of STORYTELLING. The music is only a minor role compared to, I don’t know, maybe the PLOT. How can we know what’s going on unless we can hear the actors (again, thank you subtitles!)?


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