Disappointment in Love Triangles

It seems that whenever there’s a love triangle involved in a story, I’m usually rooting for the other person. I know the main characters are going to get together, but it’s just that the main characters have so many obstacles and hardships, that it might just be easier to the third leg in the triangle to get together.

I know, I know, sometimes the third leg causes all the problems. In the end, they usually give up, because true love can’t be beat. In that case, if they’re the troublemaker, then I don’t usually cheer them on.

So in a basic love triangle, there’s Person A and B, who are the “main couple,” and then there’s Person C. Person C is probably friends with Person A and develops feelings for Person B. Person B, because of all the relationship struggles, is starting to relay on Person C. This puts Person C in a bind. In this case, although Person C should back off since A and B were already in a relationship, I still like Person C and B together.

It could just be that the secondary couple have more chemistry on screen, but wow, almost every time? This problem always leads me to feel a little disappointed, even though I know what the ending will be. Of course, the main couple is going to get together! There’s no use cheering on the underdog! Lately, though, I’ve been getting better. Basically, it’s better for the story to just play out and stop caring. 😉


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