Firefly: Jayne’s Cunning Hat

There are a lot of people actually who have already done this. Personally, I don’t see why it’s so great and a must have, but anyway, my cousin seems to have a great deal of interest in wanting to have Jayne Cobb’s hat from the show Firefly.

(Wicked cool hat?)

It’s a pretty basic hat with a pom-pom, no doubt, but those die hard fans…. Ha ha, I suppose I can understand. It’s a fashion statement amongst the Firefly fans.

So, I’ve bought the yarn and everything, and I’ll begin constructing the hat soon. I’m no pro, so who knows how the hat will turn out? But in the show, the hat’s a bit worn and imperfect, so I would say maybe it’ll add some “flavor.”

The strange thing is that my cousin never rarely steps outside his color palette of ~~black~~. I really don’t remember the last time there wasn’t any black….huh. It would be interesting to see how this turns out.


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