Dollhouse, You Were Your Best.

Joss Whedon’s newest series, Dollhouse, has officially ended (aka it was canceled). To be honest, even though I loved the show, I’m glad it was canceled. Similar to Firefly (also from Joss), based on how some of the episodes played out, I can see how the series, if it had dragged on, would have dragged on with lots of bad filler episodes and scattered plot. (This is similar to… I don’t know… Lost? Heroes? Alias? Charmed?) Since the series was canceled when I still loved the show, I have no regrets about it.

I really dislike it when shows drag on for seasons and seasons. Sure, sometimes the filler episodes are great, and sometimes the actors get better, the characters become more interesting, yet still, there are many times too many story arcs and limited ideas (leading to repeated story lines). It can be too much.

Both Dollhouse and Firefly, in their limited run, had filler episodes, which were just for fun, but didn’t advance the overarching story. Although they were enjoyable, I can see how, if the shows continued, they would have more of these filler episodes, and that it would possibly get tiresome.

That’s why I really like either episodic shows, such as Law and Order or Psych, where there really aren’t any plot lines that expand more than and episodes (expect in those “to be continued” episodes, but who doesn’t love a 2 hour episode?) If not episodic shows, then I like shows that end quickly. For example, miniseries are great, because the writers know they have a limited run, so they hit all the major plot points without too much useless parts. Also, many anime series are only about 26 episodes. Asian dramas are also the same way. There’s a beginning and a clear end. They know how many episodes they’re going to have, so they’re going to write it out. I’m pretty much okay with anything that’s under 50 episodes. Why can’t all shows be like that? T_T

In fact, when a show gets dragged out unexpectedly, it kinds becomes really slow and boring. For example, in the Korean drama, Goong (Princess Hours), it became so popular that it was extended for a few more episodes, but, because they didn’t know what to do, they just draaaaaaaaged it waaay out, when it could have been executed in a more timely fashion.

Also, I’m a huge Sailor Moon fan, and I know that went on for like 100s of episodes. I’d pretty much be okay with watching the first and the last couple episodes of each story arch. See, if only all shows could just get to the point.

I know that a lot of people are probably thinking, “But you don’t just watch a show for the story! People fall in love with the characters, the outfits, the setting!” While that is completely true, I believe that if a show drags on for too long, then you’re just milking it. That cow is going to eventually dry up, but you just keep milking it.

Thank you, Dollhouse, for being a show that I could enjoy. I hope that other TV shows won’t drag out…. (ha ha ha, yeah right… don’t think that’ll happen!)


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