“I Love You”

Corny romance is something I really despise in real life. I would say that I’m kinda a bitter person about romance in real life. When I’m watching some movie, and there’s suddenly that random incision of a romantic moment at the most INOPPORTUNE time… well, it just really bothers me. Like in the Matrix when Trinity takes FOREVER to die because they want to put in that touching romance. Or in 2012, when John Cusack and Amanda Peet are making up to one another at the most CRUCIAL MOMENT to SAVE THE WORLD. -.- Gah!!

Oddly, I do enjoy watching some romantic comedies. My favorite movie ever happens to be “Pretty Woman.” Not to mention that I would gladly drown myself in overly dramatic romantic Asian dramas for days.

I think it’s that I know the romance isn’t real and will never happen, but in those action movies, it’s just so random! So, because of that, it really annoys me when other people watch those things, and believes that something like that could really happen to them (finding Prince Charming or whatever). Thinking like that isn’t realistic, and in the end, don’t you just end up being unhappy because you can’t get what you want?

Being this type of person, that’s probably why I don’t do well in relationships. =P Honestly, I’m sick of it. Everyone just wants their love to be their last love, but love only gets you so far. My old friend always says that love is all she ever needs. Ha ha ha! Thinking about it, she’s had more boyfriends and broken engagements than anyone I’ve ever met. What does that teach you? That love doesn’t last very long.

So, yes, I will watch those sappy romantic dramas, but I know very well that real life doesn’t work like that. Part of love is also to be willing to risk getting hurt, and this is a risk I’m unwilling to take. This is something I don’t understand about others. Why are you willing to risk your happiness for something that is possibly so temporary? Why would you want to depend on someone else to make you happy? Why would you devote yourself so much to this other person? I’m tired of living for others. It’s really exhausting. After so long, the most important person to take care of is yourself, because, in the end, the only person you can rely on is yourself. Everyone will just leave.


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