Who writes these things?

One of those things that people don’t really know about me is that I love reading horoscopes. Not because I believe them or anything (I’m still waiting for that argument with my friend to happen… yesterday), but because they’re really fun to laugh at. Horoscopes and fortunes are just really neat to play with, because who can really tell the future? Lately, I’ve noticed that most horoscopes in newspapers don’t tell me what’s going to happen; instead, they just give some sort of cliche advice.

For example, today’s horoscope from Yahoo! says that I will be in a new and uncomfortable social situation. I should do the right thing in this case, or else I’ll have to deal with some people with power. Obviously, people should do the right thing, because getting on people’s nerves isn’t exactly a party.

Also, many horoscopes tell me that I’m going to meet somebody like everyday. “Today a mysterious stranger will appear.” “Today you will meet someone.” “Today someone will visit you.” I suppose people who write these things want to be right, so why not write about the obvious things? Has anyone else ever noticed this?

Actually, I was thinking that it might be really fun to write horoscopes. I would really like to meet people who write these things, because they’re so funny sometimes.

Interestingly, when I read horoscopes, my mind suddenly does the spooky voice thing, so it’s like Dracula is reading them. Hee, I’m not sure why I do that.

On another note, sometimes I get into these funny conversations with people who don’t know about signs.
Me: Oooh, horoscopes! What’s your sign?
Them: Eh, I don’t know. I think Pisces.
Me: -reads them their horoscopes-
Them: Ha ha, right. So, what’s your sign?
Me: I’m a cancer.
Them: Oh my god! You have cancer?!


5 comments on “Who writes these things?

  1. haha omg I’m so the same – I always wonder if the people that write horoscopes genuinely think that they’re true or do they just do it for kicks?! ‘like if ur aries, tomorrow all your dreams will come true’ (because im aries!) Surely they cant believe that being born in a particular month is going to determine who you are as a person?!

    ps thanks for writing on my blog, i replied 😉



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