I tried, but couldn’t…

It seems that I tried really hard. I mean, I hadn’t blogged in a long time. (A long time is less than a year… -.-). I suppose, like a smoker who can’t quit, I return to my habit. I love blogs! Writing unimportant information in a public domain for the whole world to read, secretly hoping that maybe someone out there is also reading this and understands how I feel. I know that’s really stupid, but ha ha, it can’t be helped.

My last blog from 2002 to 2009 was at deadjournal (see here), and I was thinking of writing there again, but I think it’s time to start anew. This is like a fresh notebook, just smell the new pages. You see, around the time I stopped writing in my old blog was when my boyfriend and I broke up. I’m not sure why, but since then I’ve just been really disconnected from everything. Thinking back on it, ending that blog and breaking up with my boyfriend were really the same event. I wanted to give up some part of me. But HERE I AM NOW: a new stupid woman, ready to fail at conquering the world!

After that discussion about my love for blogs, perhaps I should introduce myself to this new and unknown page on the internet. My name is Elaine aka “E-ling” (because my relatives can’t pronounce my English name). I’m an American Born Chinese, but many people have told me that I’m not like other ABCs. (That’s probably because I really enjoy hanging out with old people, and I basically have no social life. Actually, honestly, I have no idea why people tell me that, but I don’t know what the normal traits for an ABC should be.) I’m currently in my last semester of undergrad, studying chemistry. I suppose, along the way, I will unravel here.

Also, if you haven’t guessed by now (aka the title of this blog) I’m a really big Batman fan. (Except when Christian Bale is the part…)

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